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Despite the external lightness, ambrotype requires accuracy and clarity from the master, because the process of creating such a picture is significantly different from obtaining a well-known digital photo. It all starts with glass polishing. It is necessary to process the prepared glass plates, rinse them and dry them.
The frame is built just before the glass plate is prepared for shooting. In order for us to get an image, a light-sensitive layer must be created on the plate. To do this, it is necessary: ​​pour collodion onto the surface of the plate and evenly distribute it. Next, you need to immerse the plate in a solution of silver nitrate and hold it for 4 minutes.
We load the plate into the cassette and we have about 10 minutes until the collodion dries.
We take a picture. Exposure occurs from 5 to 20 seconds. At this time, the subject must remain still :).
Next, we go to the "red room" and develop the image. The required amount of developer is poured directly onto the plate and spread over its surface.
After that, the image should be fixed. In my opinion, this is the most magical stage when you see the finished result, which manifests itself and consolidates right before your eyes!
Next, the master needs several days to dry the plate, varnish it and prepare it for delivery to the client!
That's all, now you are holding in your hands a unique image created especially for you, one of a kind!